Different UI components on a blueprint.
Different UI components on a blueprint.

Good UX design happens when you don’t notice it during or after the experience. The main goal of good UX design is to take the user on a specific mission as quickly as possible, with the least effort possible. In good UX design, very rarely do users notice the mastery they encounter, even in the most simple and most obvious interactions like, for example, deleting items.

“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.” — Martin LeBlanc

Simple interactions in the world of UX can turn into user nightmares if enough…

Real causes of human error.

Designer trying to delete a message on Facebook Messenger mobile application.
Designer trying to delete a message on Facebook Messenger mobile application.

Humans make mistakes. We do things we didn’t intend to. It happens — we’re only human, after all. While most mistakes are harmless, and often the words “I’m sorry” will fix everything, sometimes the damage is irreversible.

What are revocable actions?

In the digital world, we can do better than a verbal apology by enabling what’s called “revocable action.” Revocable actions are a set of interactive commands that allow the user to undo any action. With the option of revocable actions available, users can explore, experiment and work more freely without fear of making mistakes, because when accidents happen, they can easily be undone.

How to manage the precarious designer-engineer relationship.

We’re all familiar with that never-ending battle or rather, the Cold War between engineers and designers. You create a functional UX, a beautiful UI, and the client is excited. Then, after a couple of months when development has reached completion, the feedback you get is totally unexpected. Instead of praise for your excellent work, everyone seems disappointed, and sure enough, when you take a look — your design not only looks unimpressive, it’s also super clunky to use.

So why is there such a gulf between what you delivered and the final result? Unfortunately, what it comes down to is…

Adnan Puzic

UI/UX, web, and graphic designer with more than eight years of professional experience in this industry.

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